1998 Rescue Muni Executive Committee Election Results

The follwing results include all valid ballots received: in person at the General
Meeting, by email and by mail. Members in boldface are elected to Excom.

Mlynarik 50
Murphy 48
Pilpel 48
Breckenridge 37 - tied
Carlson 37 - tied

Petersen 22
Rudolph 21

There were two invalid ballots, received by mail, with no indication of the
identity of the sender. I peeked at the votes and the they would not have
changed anything.

Our Bylaws only required the election of four members to the Excom and
that is what the election was four. However there is obviously a tie
between the fourth and fifth candidates. Our Bylaws do allow the Excom
to replace members from the Steercom. There current four members of the
Excom have therefore decided to comply as close as possible to the Bylaws
and proceed as follows:

1) Invite the top five vote getters to the June 15, Excom at 6:00 pm.
(Actually all Excom meetings are open anyway.)

2) Seat the first three vote getters on Ecom (because they are clearly

3) I, Howard Strassner, will then move that the Excom vote to seat both
of the tied candidates if they first agree to flip a coin to decide who
gets a two year term and who gets to complete the remaining year of
Musser's term. Other Excom members may suggest other solutions to solve
our Bylaws problem.

4) Change the Bylaws using our Bylaws process before the next election.

My reasons:
a) I believe that this is the most togetherness thing that we can do.
b) This is much better than just flipping a coin to see who see who gets

Howard Strassner, RM Excom Secretary

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