The Fifth Annual
Muni Riders' Survey
February 2001

The "New Muni" has been in business for a year.
New buses have finally been delivered.
A new SOMA Service Plan is about to take effect.
Last year, Muni improved significantly in our survey.

Is Muni service still improving - or is it losing ground?

Help us find out.

Since 1997, RESCUE MUNI has shown San Francisco where some of Muni's biggest problems are by conducting the Muni Riders' Survey, an independent measurement of Municipal Railway performance. The voters have made clear their desire for accountability and transit priority - now it's time to see if system performance is still improving.

We will be conducting the 2001 survey throughout February 2001. We need you to participate to make this survey a success!

About the survey

This survey is designed to assess on-time performance, by line, from the rider's point of view. We know that Muni is often late, making us - the riders and taxpayers - late as a result, but we don't often have a chance to prove it. This is that chance.

With this survey, we assess (in an admittedly informal way) what lines are late and how often. From our perspective, if you wait longer than the advertised frequency for a bus or streetcar, you're late. So that's what we measure:

How long did you wait for Muni?

Were you late?

Were you delayed en route?

That's it. We've intentionally kept the survey simple so as many people as possible can participate.

How to participate


Download our survey form.
You can print out the Acrobat form using the Acrobat Reader from Adobe, or you can use our Microsoft Excel form.

You can also use our Muni Observations Form (Excel) to record buses or streetcars that go by a fixed location.




Register at this site.
We need to know who's participating in the survey so we can ensure broad coverage of lines throughout the City. Simply fill out the form below. (Don't worry, we won't give out your phone mumber or email address.)



Throughout February, record how long you wait for Muni, and how long your ride takes.
Please record location, route, time you arrived, time your vehicle got there, time you arrived at your destination, and crowding. (See form for details.) You can also include comments, if you like.



Submit your results with our web form.
You can also mail in your results, particularly if you are using Excel, or send the paper form back by US Mail. (The address is on the form.)



Please ask your friends to participate - feel free to distribute the survey form to as many people as you like. We need to get as large a sample as possible to effectively rate Muni performance.

What we'll do with the results

We will publish the results of the Riders' Survey as soon as possible, on this web site and through more traditional media. (Take a look at our results: 1997, 1998, Fall 1998 Metro Survey, 1999, and 2000.) If you're interested in helping to get the word out, please fill out our volunteer form or make a note in the comments field below.

Register Now!

If you're interested in participating, please register here. We will send you a survey form by US mail or e-mail (specify preference) and detailed instructions on how to participate.

Questions? Send us email at

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