About the founders of RESCUE MUNI

Ken Niemi, a resident of the Sunset for over six years and the Bay Area for 11 years, has always relied on public transit, except for the occasional car rental. He participated in the Muni Stakeholders Workshops, which SPUR organized to bring Muni managers, Muni workers, city officials, urban planners, and other interested parties together in relative harmony. Niemi has been a supporter of transit advocacy groups, such as SPUR, San Francisco Tomorrow, and the Train Riders Association of California. Numerous of his letters to the editors of the Examiner, Chronicle, and Independent have been printed, as well as several to The New York Times, The Economist, and Business Week.

George Musser, a Mission resident, also wields his Fast Pass on a daily basis. He is a member of the Train Riders Association of California, Market Street Railway, the National Association of Railway Passengers, and a former member of the Empire State Passengers Association. He and Ken Niemi (above) are the co-authors of these web pages. Although George can bore you for hours with Muni battle stories, he is an idealist who still clings to the hope that a little care and rational thought can put the system right.

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