As amended 11 May 1998, 5 November 1998, and October 2003



1. The name and purpose of this organization shall be Rescue Muni (Riders for an Efficient, Safe, Consistent, Utilized, and Expeditious Muni)[THIS EXTENDED NAME TO BE DELETED FOR NEW ORGANIZATION], an independent, San Francisco, transit riders association.



1. Membership is open to any natural person who has paid the regular or reduced dues.

2. Members are encouraged to participate on at least one Committee.

3. A Member is any natural person whose Rescue Muni dues are current.

4. An Active Member is any Member who serves on at least one Standing Committee.

5. Membership data shall not be released for external use without a Memberıs authorization.



1. Donations from supporting businesses or organizations are acceptable, but such donations shall not entitle the donor to voting rights. Donations from businesses or organizations having direct financial interests with Muni, the Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, or other Bay Area transit agencies shall not be accepted.



1. The Steering Committee (ŒSteercomı) shall include: all Executive Committee (ŒExcomı) Members, and Committee duly appointed representatives from Standing Committees and up to ten additional members elected annually by the Membership. Initially there shall be no additional members elected. The membership of Excom members in the Steercom is a matter of right, except that Excom must name at least three Excom members to the Steercom.


2. The Steercom is responsible for the formulation and implementation of Rescue Muni policies to promote the Purposes. The Steercom shall annually elect their own officers. The Chair of the Steercom shall be the Chief Spokesperson of Rescue Muni and shall select the official spokespersons for each policy area.


3. Steercom endorsements of candidates for public office or positions on ballot initiatives shall not be final until ratified approved at a General Membership Meeting by a vote of no less than two-thirds of the Members voting in accordance with VIII - 3Article VIII, and by a vote of two-thirds of the Steercom.


4. A quorum for Steercom shall be at least more than 50% of the number of Steercom members. Steercom members who miss three consecutive regular meetings shall automatically be removed from the Steercom may be placed on hold by the Chair and not be countered counted for the quorum requirement. The Steercom may reinstate a member by a majority vote.



1. Regular General Membership Meetings shall be held at least quarterly four times per calendar year at varied times, days, and places. Committees should provide written reports before each meeting.


2. The Excom and Steercom shall provide a written report of all of their actions policy positions taken during the last quarter since the last General Membership Meeting, as a consent calendar, before each meeting. All actions of the Excom and Steercom are subject to override at the next General Membership meeting if a majority of those eligible to vote Members present, in accordance with VII - 2., object.


3. Current, present Members may vote at General Membership Meetings. Active Members may vote by mail-in ballot or at the meeting.


4. The Excom may allow Members whose memberships have lapsed after a certain date to pay their dues at a General Membership meeting and be eligible to vote at that meeting.


5. For the purposes of General Membership Meetings at which an endorsement of candidates or ballot measure positions is to be considered, the Excom may establish a non-retroactive deadline prior to the meeting for new memberships, after which memberships shall not be eligible to vote on such endorsements at that meeting.



1. These Bylaws shall become operative after approval by two-thirds of those attending a Rescue Muni meeting called with Bylaws approval on the agenda, after two weeks notice including printed or electronic distribution of draft Bylaws to Robertıs Rules of Order, current edition, except when in conflict with these Bylaws.



1. After adoption, these Bylaws may be amended by the following procedure:

a. Any Active Member may submit a proposed Amendment for consideration to the Excom. The Excom shall make their recommendation to the Membership for consideration at the next General Membership meeting, except that there maybe no consideration of an Amendment without a vote of at least 40% of the Steercom to consider.


b. As an alternative a proposed amendment must be considered if it is recommended for consideration by a petition signed by at least 10% of the number of Active Members and received by the Excom before their regular meeting preceding that sets the General Membership Meeting agenda at which the amendment is to be considered.


c. The proposed Amendment shall be adopted after approval by two-thirds of the Members voting in accordance with VII - 2., at a General Membership Meeting called with the published Amendment on the agenda, after two weeks notice, including printed or electronic distribution.


ADOPTED 4 June 1997; AMENDED 11 May 1998, 5 November 1998, and October 2003