Muni Re-Reform: Contact Your Supervisor TODAY To Urge A YES Vote!

July 30th, 2007

Please take a moment TODAY to contact your Supervisor to urge him/her to put the Muni Reform amendment on the ballot!

Last week, as we noted, a consensus was reached at the Board of Supervisors on the proposed Muni reform package sponsored by Supervisor Peskin. (Ex Editorial.)

Supervisor Alioto-Pier and Mayor Newsom have both expressed concerns about the measure after a provision was added to block the so-called “Parking for Neighborhoods Initiative”, strongly opposed by Rescue Muni, because increased parking would be a disaster for Muni and highly counterproductive to Muni reform.

However, Rescue Muni supports this measure, and also strongly opposes the Parking for Neighborhoods measure. We urge the supervisors to pass it tomorrow and place it on the ballot this fall. We also encourage Mayor Newsom to take a strong stand in opposition to this anti-rider parking measure that threatens to undo Muni reform and push more San Franciscans into their cars.

To keep San Francisco a Transit First city, please contact your Supervisor to encourage a YES vote, and also call Mayor Newsom’s office to urge him to oppose the parking measure! The Supervisors vote tomorrow, so a call today is essential.


Effort Forming To Oppose Anti-Transit Parking Initiative

July 30th, 2007

Don’t even think of parking hereThe momentum to defeat the so-called “Parking for Neighborhoods Initiative”, sponsored by Donald Fisher and developers of parking structures, is growing. Here’s one website by an organizer Jeffrey Baker against the initiative (not Rescue Muni), with an email list you can join to help defeat it.

Opponents include:

  • Rescue Muni
  • Sierra Club
  • Livable City
  • San Francisco League of Conservation Voters
  • Housing Action Coalition
  • Also critical are:

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian
  • SF Weekly
  • Beyond Chron
  • Supervisors: Support Peskin Amendment; Oppose McGoldrick Amendment and Parking Initiative

    July 23rd, 2007

    The following letter (also in pdf) went out to the Supervisors tonight, who are tomorrow considering proposals to further reform Muni. Rescue Muni supports the Peskin amendment (Re-Reform) and opposes the McGoldrick amendment (Un-Reform).

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    More on Don Fisher’s Anti-Transit Rider Parking Initiative

    July 11th, 2007

    Don’t even think of parking hereHere’s more on the terrible initiative to require massive increases in parking in residential developments citywide, thanks to our friends at The Usual Suspects: Matt Smith (SF Weekly) with a detailed critique of the “Profits for Developers Initiative,” and SF Bay Guardian. Included in this measure are massive delays to YOUR bus, due to much easier permitting for curb cuts for garage construction in any home citywide, even if there is a bus stop already serving thousands of riders a day.

    Though this is officially sponsored by the Council of District Merchants (tell your local merchant you walked or took the bus to shop!), it’s largely funded by Gap founder Don Fisher and Webcor Builders.

    To help defeat this, join Rescue Muni now and we will keep you posted!

    Anti-Transit, Anti-Rider Parking Measure Submitted, Likely to Qualify

    July 10th, 2007

    Don’t even think of parking hereA measure to require big increases in parking in new developments has been submitted for the ballot and is likely to qualify. If this measure passes, it will be terrible for transit riders, causing massive new traffic congestion. Stay tuned for how you can help defeat it!