Map of Today’s Service Changes

June 30th, 2007

Rider AlertWondering where the buses and LRVs are going today? The helpful if cranky SFist provided yesterday this convenient map of today’s Muni service changes.
(SFist article; official notice.)
Keep in mind that today is a ballgame day so ballpark service will be in effect in the evening.

Service changes coming to N, J, T, other lines June 30

June 8th, 2007

T-Third N Judah Muni announced this week that it is making some pretty significant service changes on June 30 to improve access to downtown and Caltrain. This was in part due to the public feedback on the T-Third’s troubled start of service as well as the discontinuance of the 15-Third north of Market Street. (Chronicle report here.) The N-Judah will go back to Caltrain, the Castro Shuttle will be restored, and the new 20-Columbus will be a new rush hour service from North Beach to downtown replacing the 15 north of Market.

Riders air grievances about T-Third problems, Caltrain access

May 17th, 2007

T-ThirdJ ChurchUpdate: Chronicle report on the meeting and T-Third issues more generally.

About thirty or forty Muni riders attended the town hall meeting held in response to an online petition complaining about service problems and route changes associated with the startup of the T-Third line. A good number of Rescue Muni members were among the attendees.

MTA Executive Director/CEO Nathaniel Ford outlined the agency’s action plan to deal with service reliability problems—increasing operator availability, dealing with bottleneck intersections, etc.—and promised a preliminary answer within a week to service design concerns raised at the meeting. He emphasized that he wanted to find the right answers to the problems before taking final action.

Attendees, many of whom were transit commuters who live outside the city, made a number of comments and concerns. Here’s a list of the ones I managed to jot down during the meeting; there were quite a few good points raised. I apologize in advance for any omissions or errors. Note that this is a summary of the speakers’ opinions, and doesn’t necessarily represent the views of Rescue Muni, nor those of our evil puppetmasters. Read the rest of this entry »

Muni hosting town hall May 16 at noon

May 10th, 2007

T-Third J ChurchMuni has announced a town hall meeting with MTA Director Nat Ford next Wednesday, May 16 at noon. The meeting will be downtown at the Ferry Building in the Port Conference Room on the second floor. (Take Muni to Embarcadero Station or the F-Market stop right in front.) When Muni has an official announcement we will link to it.

This is in response to the recent riders’ petition for a meeting to discuss service issues – and for more reliable Muni Metro service, particularly to Caltrain. Thanks to svetcov for making this happen!

Muni may reverse some service changes

May 9th, 2007

T-ThirdN JudahToday’s Examiner reports that Muni officials may recommend reversing or modifying some recent service changes following the difficulties with the launch of the T-Third line. In particular, the cancellation of the 15 line from North Beach to downtown and the replacement of the N line to Caltrain with the J line may be on the table.

Update: Channel 7 (KGO-TV) has a story as well.

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