Service Expansion Committee Agenda / Minutes

Next Meeting: July 20, 2000

6/29/00 Minutes: RM's new Service Expansion Committee met 6/29/00 and began its work,
following up on RM's ad hoc "Future of Muni" Committee and some of our
general meetings re "4 Corridors", G-Line, etc.
We 'brainstormed' the following areas of focus for the new committee. Goal
is to present a studied report on Muni's future that RESCUE Muni and allies
can push in the political sphere.


1. Do not cannibalize existing service to 'expand' in new areas.
(Examples of new Muni service created in past, without planning for need for additional vehicles or staff).
2. Muni must meet ongoing and projected use demand
3. Periodic / Ongoing planning to meet changes in land use / population.
4. Maximize time efficiency of transit. Reduce travel time. Add pre-empts etc. More people out of cars.
5. Chose right mode for demand.
6. Capital should reduce cost / increase efficiency focus on increasing the efficiency of the EXISTING system instead of simply adding NEW routes.
7. Enforcement of Right of ways
8. Full POP.
9. Design guidelines to Maximize aesthetic value (e.g. Embarcadero)
10. Clean Fuels/ CNG/Electric. Trees/ Plants as part of changes.


1. B-Geary (LRV)/ BART or BART's $ to Richmond/ Bus lanes.
2. F-Line to Presidio (LRV or historic streetcar(SC))
3. SoMa enhancements / Mission / Potrero
4. North Beach Subway
5. Express / Limited bus network (connect neighborhood/commercial districts) (Motor Coach (MC))
6. 19th Avenue (LRV) Stonestown to Geary)
7. G Line - Golden Gate Park (SC or LRV)
8. E line Embarcadero: Caltrain to North Embarcadero
9A. Octavia Muni Metro Stop once proposed
9B. 30th Street BART station
10. Van Ness LRV/ SoMa Historic Streetcar/ connect Van Ness Corridor to CalTrain area/ Bus lanes
11. N Line: a subway to 9th or 19th Avenue.
12. Cable Car Extensions:
12A. California Line to Japantown or Fillmore
12B. Extend to wharf
12C. service to Civic Center as once existed in S.F.
13. Underground TC's (trolley-coach tunnel concept as implemented in
downtown Seattle, which has dormant LRV tracks installed ab initio)
14. idea of bus only lanes, convertible to LRV use later (We discussed
and Geary in particular: buses could use right of way while LRV was being
evaluated or built, if center islands were planned, buses could run in
opposite direction to utilize.)
15. Hunters Point area expansion (as distinct from 3rd Street itself)
16. Geneva Ave. LRV options
17. 3rd Street Busway demo (related to #14)
18. F line branch reaches North Beach via tunnel under telegraph Hill.
(Alternative to Subway via Kearny etc?)
19. Mission street LRV or Streetcar/ Valencia. possible redirect of car
traffic. These ideas may interplay with items 16 and 10 (Van Ness, SoMa,
19A Mission St to San Jose Ave
19B Van Ness- Mission- CCSF: current 49 line
20. "Green" enhancements to Transit/ streetscape/ urban design.


1. Trolley Coach expansions (electric bus): 1,22 lines etc.
2. Enhanced transit lanes
3. passing wires enroute and at terminals.
4. LRV Express tracks/ 3 or 4 track systems/ St Francis circle/ whole
lines, portions, by-passed stations, new or existing lines.
5. Enforcement: Photo enforcement of blocked routes; Muni drivers able to
summon DPT officer for instant ticketing/towing.
6. 28 Line to SFO, 28 line to Colma area shopping hubs, possible working
arrangements w/ samTrans.


The next meeting will be at SPUR, July 20, 6:30 PM.
Members will take projects from B and C lists and begin analyses: Cost of
change, ridership involved, prospective time etc. benefits.

Again: Our next meeting is July 20 at 6:30 PM

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