Service Expansion Committee Minutes, September 26, 2001

Present: Messrs. Vasquez, Sullivan, Ehrlich, Krause, Carlson, Ms.
Regrets: Mr. Vartanoff

1. Phase Zero
Most of which has already been passed by Committee and Steercom:
43 to Fort Mason terminus via 28's current route
35 to Glen Park BART
some 14 service to San Mateo county BART station (prob 14L and/or 14 freeway
29: northern terminus at Bridge Plaza.
28L: via Lombard to Van Ness, Wharf, connect to F Line at Hyde/Jefferson.
28 Regular: to California Street.
"46" line initiated: replaces 29 line East of Bridge Plaza, replaces 82X
route. local, limited, and express route. Possible reroute in SoMa to
replace old 42 serving apartment communities. Serves commuters to and from
Marina/ Lucas, recreation uses in Presidio.
5 terminates at Powell BART in off hours instead of Tenderloin. 71 to
ferries at all times. (Muni cuts harm connection to Ferry area, no
wheelchair accessible service evenings and weekends except F line. this must
be fixed)
F Line should have a stop at Steuart and Market
contra flow transit only lane on inner McAllister.
76 bus: service expands to Saturdays. (approved by consensus)
"87" shuttle service: Cow Palace- Geneva-Balboa Park BART- CCSF to relieve
commute hour crush loads. 530AM-9AM, 415PM-645PM. (adopted 6-0)


R Parks package of proposed improvements between Washington Sq./ Broadway/
Stockton/ to Market.

2. Discussion of RTP: Discussion of Monday's Steercom proceedings,
Saturday's guest comments. Comment Deadline coming up: submit individual
comments to MTC,101 8th street, Oakland CA 94607-4700.

3. resolved: Muni needs to survey ridership and potential ridership.
Includes Origin-destination study, discretionary riders, and why some people
do not ride Muni. (6-0)

4. Phases I-IV: no edits made tonight.

5. comment: not enough service to ferries. Commenter asked to propose
specific changes.

6. Comment: Need to talk to UC Berkeley experts. Those with an interest or
connection are encouraged to invite "them" to meet with Serv-Exp-Comm or RM
at large. Mr. Vasquez hopes to talk to an author on the U C Faculty about
committee topics.

submitted, Eric Carlson, Chair of Committee.

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