Service Expansion Committee Minutes, November 7, 2001

present: Messrs: Ehrlich, Wetzel, Krause, Sullivan, Carlson. Regrets: Mr

Announcements/ news:
Meeting re ferry planning.
MSR annual meeting next Tues.
Interaction with SPUR vis a vis Muni's own plan near readiness.
General Meeting w/ Sue Olive, Nov. 8th, 2001
Status of Muni plan to roof HSC's at Geneva: aim to cover 6 tracks by end of
2002/ ideas re carbarn in Wharf area, if not at present site, on a pier.
Discussion of motor problems on some HSC's.
Discussion of Metro Commitee BRT ideas: see prior e mail.
Discussion of Service Expansion:
Discussion of Kirkland Yard status/. 60' roofline zoning.
Discussion of construction of low-floor platforms on MMX/ South Embarcadero
(high platforms/ existing/ on one side, low platforms on the other)

Mr Ehrlich presented some cost figures re parts of plan Zero. Mr Krause
presented some cost analyses. Discussion of costs of various projects in SF
and elsewhere on the west Cost, technical design issues re rail lines
proposed by Muni for SF.

submitted, Eric Carlson, Chair of Committee.

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