Rescue Muni Steering Committee
Specific Recommendations concerning the Sales Tax Reauthorization / Expenditure Plan

Approved May 14, 2003

In response to the draft plan from SFCTA, as well as discussion drafts that we have reviewed previously, Rescue Muni recommends the following specific additions to the plan, all part of our expansion platform.

1. Geary "Rail Ready" Rapid Transit Project

Rescue Muni strongly supports the construction of a Light Rail line along the Geary Corridor with access to downtown, Chinatown and potentially South of Market.  With limited capital funds available in the re-authorization of Prop. B due to priority given to transit maintenance and rehabilitation projects, Rescue Muni is advocating an innovative, staged approach to implementing Rapid Transit along the Geary Corridor.  

For the funds that will be provided by re-authorization of Prop. B, we are advocating for a BRT project along Geary Blvd. (from Laguna to the Beach) that will be "Rail Ready".  This means, that when we raise additional funds to implement rail on Geary (including a downtown subway with connections to the Central Subway), it will be very easy to convert the BRT lanes to rail with minimum disruption to the street or to transit service.  Mandatory for this project are exclusive right-of-way (ROW) in the western portion of Geary Blvd. with concrete slabs suitable for supporting light rail, bus stations as opposed to stops, signal pre-empts, real-time information displays, and ticket machines.

Additional elements of the Geary Rail BRT program to facilitate future construction of Geary Light Rail may include some or all of the following:

Exclusive right-of-way (ROW) from Beach (probably Point Lobos) to existing bus only lanes, including stations.
Improve existing bus only lanes in Tenderloin (color pavement, consider curbing, etc.).
Take over Masonic Auto Tunnel & build additional auto lanes over tunnel & reconfigure intersection.
Grade Separations at Fillmore/Webster (possibly re-using auto tunnel), Scott/Divisadero, Park Presidio, and Arguello.
Lay tracks in surface portion of ROW from Laguna to the beach.  (Wires not necessary at this time.)
Build subway box over Stockton/Post Station of Central Subway while Central Subway is being constructed. (Note: This requires a 4th St. alignment for the Central Subway).
Complete the plan and EIR for, and make it City policy to search for funding to complete, the rail portion of this project.  This includes subway from Laguna to Embarcadero Station via Stockton & Pine St.

2. Caltrain Electrification and Express

We support this project as proposed without further delay.  We also support the proposed move of the Paul Ave. station to Oakdale, a project that is in the draft plan.

3. Caltrain Downtown Extension to a new Transbay Terminal

We support this project as proposed without further delay.  We also recommend addition of the crucial 16th Street grade separation as part of the new Caltrain tunnel to downtown.

4. Van Ness BRT

We support this project as proposed.  "Rail Ready" treatment is not necessary for this corridor as it will continue to serve a large number of buses in the future.

5. Potrero/Bayshore BRT

We recommend full Bus Rapid Transit treatment of this corridor from Division and Potrero to Bayshore Transit Center via Potrero and Bayshore, including center dedicated ROW, stations, real-time information services, signal pre-empts, ticket machines, and so on.  Concrete slabs in the busway suitable for supporting rail should also be included if this can be done at low cost (see "Rail Ready" Geary concept above).  As with other BRT projects, it is not necessary to buy new rolling stock for this project, but as rolling stock is replaced it should be replaced with equipment more suited to BRT (in particular, modern low-floored coaches).

6. 16th Street BRT

We recommend full Bus Rapid Transit treatment of this corridor from Bryant to Third, including center dedicated ROW, stations, real-time information services, signal pre-empts, and so on.  We support the "Rail Ready" design here to facilitate a possible future streetcar line between Third Street and Castro (this could be used by modern or historic streetcars).

7. Golden Gate Park Historic Streetcar ("G-line")

We also endorse the proposed historic streetcar connection from Ninth and Irving to the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park.  An option for further study is the extension of this service to the new Geary Light Rail service when it is completed.

8. Fort Mason Historic Streetcar ("E-line")

We endorse the proposed historic streetcar from Fisherman's Wharf to Fort Mason, with provision for future extension to the Presidio.

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