January 2002 General Membership Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, January 29, 2002, 6:00 PM
SPUR, 312 Sutter, Fifth Floor

6:00 Welcome, Introductions, Refreshments

6:05 Steering Committee Report
Phase 1-3 Service Expansion Plan Muni Budget and Service Update State Proposition 42 (Steercom recommends a NO vote; on forum ballot) Other Policy Recommendations

6:20 Call for Volunteers
2002 Muni Riders' Survey Van Ness Bus Rapid Transit (and Other Routes as well) Committees: Metro, Others

6:45 State Assembly Candidates

District 12:
Leland Yee Dan Kelly
District 13:
Mark Leno Harry Britt

(candidates in bold have Steercom recommendation)

Rules: Members may vote at any time during the meeting. We expect that the forum will conclude at 8:15 PM. A 2/3 majority is required for endorsement.

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