2000 Candidates' Forum Announcement

The questionnaires are in - and we've been able to invite over 25 candidates
for our BOARD OF SUPERVISORS CANDIDATES' FORUM tomorrow! This does mean
that the meeting will be fairly long, but we think it will be worth it.

The meeting starts at 6 PM SHARP at the Sierra Club, 85 Second Street at
Mission, third floor. Each candidate will have 7.5 minutes; we will ask for
a brief opening statement and then quiz the candidates on Muni issues.
(This means that the meeting will last until a bit past 9 pm - if you can't
stay the whole time, you may cast a ballot at any time if you're a member.)
We will run on a tight schedule.

PROPOSITIONS: We will also ask for ratification or rejection of the
Steering Committee's recommended position on Propositions F (Golden Gate
Park JFK Drive Saturday Closure; we recommend YES) and G (opposing measure;
we recommend NO). No other positions have been taken on propositions by the
Steering Committee.

RULES: Rescue Muni bylaws require a 2/3 vote of members attending our
meeting for endorsement. This year we will be using an instant run-off
system, allowing you to choose second and third acceptable choices in
districts with large numbers of candidates.

REFRESHMENTS: We will also serve refreshments. Of course!

CANDIDATES: Confirmed candidates include, in rough chronological order:

* Steering Committee recommends endorsement
+ Rescue Muni member

8 Mark Leno +
5 Jay Bagi +
2 Gavin Newsom * +
3 Mike DeNunzio +
5 Matt Gonzalez
6 Beryl Magilavy * +
5 Agar Jaicks
8 Shawn O'Hearn
6 Marc Salomon +
4 Leland Yee *
9 Tom Ammiano * +
6 Jim Reid +
8 Eileen Hansen
10 J.R. Manuel
4 Tom Hsieh
9 Ron Norlin
7 Tony Hall
3 Lawrence Wong
11 Douglas Moran
11 Rebecca Reynolds Silverberg
3 Aaron Peskin
3 Bob Coleman
7 Bud Wilson
5 Rob Anderson
6 Hank Wilson
1 Jason Z. Jungreis

We may have more by the time the forum begins!

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