Rescue Muni's Recommendations Concerning the Proposed Fare Increase

Updated based on Steering Committee votes on Monday, February 10, 2003.

(Originally passed at the General Meeting, Monday, January 27, 2003.  Items not ratified by the members or carried over from previous Rescue Muni policy are marked with * and will be considered at the next General Meeting.)

Rescue Muni recommends the following concerning the proposed fare increase.  If the fares are to go up, the following must happen:

1. Immediate Changes (Under control of MTA Board and Supervisors)

A. Total parking revenues to DPT should go up by at least the same percentage that Muni's fare revenues are increased by any fare hike; AND Parking garage rates must go up by the same rate (25% at this time) as the increase Muni's passengers are expected to pay.

B. DPT should raise the Residential Preferential Parking Permit fee of at least $50* for the first car in each household to fully cover all costs of this program. Fees for additional permit in each household shall be progressively higher for each car above one per licensed driver per address.  (This is to avoid the "Danielle Steele problem.")

C. RM supports a balanced package of a budget adjustments, to maintain service including: fare increases; proportionate parking fee increases; labor savings and (if necessary) layoffs, including the following components:

a) Run cutting efficiency in scheduling and reduction of standby runs in order to reduce overtime and basic operating costs.

b) Charter mandated Cable Car headways and reduced layover time in order to increase income generated by this popular service. RM recommends that Conductor and Grip Men be cross trained so that they can switch jobs between runs to allow healthy recovery time.

D. Muni ticket machines should sell day-passes in addition to single fare tickets to get a bit more cash. We also recommend that cable car and F-Market operators sell the daily Passport for $10 to get additional revenue and avoid making change. 

E. If all of these are done, Rescue Muni supports the following fares* (instead of Muni proposed new fares):
adult cash fare $1.25;
senior and discount cash fare $.50;
adult Fast Pass $40.00;
10 token bag $11.00;
and weekly pass $11.00;
when combined with at least a 25% increase in parking fees.

F. Muni should use some of the money raised for planners for BRT and TPS to speed up service.

G. Rescue Muni opposes any service cut below the longstanding city "Policy" levels. (e.g 'community' service every 20 minutes)

2. Longer-Term Changes (Requiring vote of Supervisors or the people)

A. The parking tax should go up from the current 25% to 35%, and collection must be improved to reduce evasion.

B.  Rescue Muni supports expansion of the Transit Impact Development Fee (TIDF) to fund service expansion and operations in the zone covered by the fee.

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