Metro Committee - March 8, 2000 Agenda

Wednesday, March 8, 2000, 6:00 PM at SPUR, 312 Sutter, Fifth Floor


6:00 Introductions, Agenda additions and Approval, Minutes Approval,
6:10 Status of previous resolutions and clean up of open issues
6:40 K Line Improvements
7:00 N line Survey - Organization
7:20 Select future items for discussion.
7:30 Adjournment, Next Metro Committee meeting Wed. April 12, 2000

Metro Committee Minutes, 1-12-00
Present: Eric Carlson, Joan Downey, Norm Rolfe, David Vartanoff, and
Rosie West.

A. We decided to follow up Steercom's position on N line Substitution
with a letter expanding on why the interrupted service is bad; written by
E Carlson, to be mailed by J Downey
status: Andrew rewrote letter that had many of Metro committee's
so sent his letter with the added line about building ridership. Sent

B: Status of Prior Metro Committee Resolutions: We looked at 6 such
items. Ms. Downey will check on what went out, then a point person see
below will follow through. Little response has ever arrived from Muni on
these topics.
1. Posting Muni statistics on website/ muni promised to provide them to
rescue muni (as promised by Mr. Burns at the general meeting) follow-up:
Mr. Vartanoff
2. Castro Caltrain shuttle: request it be tried on a regular basis
follow-up: Mr. Vartanoff
3 Metro impasse: substitute service (Resolution that buses stop only at
Metro Stations between Van Ness and West Portal) If a letter has not been
written, we voted 4-0 to add language that the PA announcements should
remind riders of the option of BART to Glen Park and Balboa Park and
transfer to other Muni lines there. follow-up: Mr. Carlson
4. Post schedules at stops: If a letter has not been written, we voted
4-0 to add language urging that this be begun immediately with owl
service. follow-up: Mr. Carlson
5. BART Plus passes: why don't they go through Muni gates? If a letter
has not been written, we voted 4-0 to add language urging that faregates
accept paper dollars like the new bus fare boxes. follow-up: Mr.
Vartanoff letter by Eric.
6. Location of train stops at Montgomery (outbound), Powell (outbound),
Forest Hill (both) and West Portal (inbound) stations. Trains stop in
places that are inconsistent from one train to the next, inconvenient,
unnecessarily far from passenger entrance to platform, or un-safe vis a
vis crowding. We have Muni comments only re West Portal. follow-up: (???)
7. The other letter that went out was asking Muni to remind drivers of
rule 35A
& moving the Hillway stop to Willard.

C. Courtesy - We voted to thank Muni for the recent safety/ courtesy
printed in the January 2000 "New Muni News" and recent "Destinations"
publications. These advisories should be posted on Muni and Manually
and/or mechanically announced on Muni. These advisories should also
1. (Metro Stations: "For Your safety, Stand Back from the Yellow line"
2. (Metro:) "To speed up service, stand away from the doors and allow
passengers to exit before attempting to board"
3. "When all seats are taken, do not use a seat for your luggage or
4. (POP Areas): "Passengers with Fast Passes, tickets or valid transfers
may board via rear doors"
5. (Escalators) "Stand to the right. Pass on the left"

D. Safety etc. We discussed Howard's text on the agenda. It was passed in
principle: "These safety islands are required by Prop E" was deleted. Ms.
Downey will rewrite paragraph B (punch up language about pedestrian
crossing perhaps including language re zebra striping of pavement )
Status: here's the rewrite: The Rescue Muni Metro Committee recommends
these safety-related measures:
1. Mark the locations of the doors at stops in the subway.
2. Provide more safety platforms (like the ones on Judah Street between
9th and 19th) on the streets.
3. Where it is impossible to provide platforms, paint a safety zone on
the streets. The street space between the sidewalk and the Metro car
should be considered to be a pedestrian crosswalk (except for parked
cars) and it shall be unlawful for cars to drive through the cross-walk
while a pedestrian is in the walk. As a visual reminder, the are should
be zebra-striped.
4. Install additional signs to remind cars not to pass a stopped Metro

Future Items:

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