Metro Committee Agenda

Wednesday April 11, 2001, 6:00 PM
at SPUR, 312 Sutter, Fifth Floor


6:00 Introductions, Agenda Additions, Minutes Approval, Announcements
6:10 Status of previous resolutions)
6:20 Select more costly N Line Improvements for Shelley Town Meeting
7:00 New Items
7:20 Select Future Discussion Items
7:30 Adjournment, Next Metro Committee meeting Wed April 11, 2001

There was no meeting in March

Suggested possible New Items:

A) Cable Cars - If we get some more volunteers we could help run the

B) No pass signals on Metro cars (similar to school buses) This might be
less costly than less of paint at many locations and more effective.

C) Support for more signal lights with Muni pre-empts and ped countdown
to replace stop signs.

D) Elimination of Station agent position and re-placement with better
area signs andS

Possible Future Items: 1. Increasing Scheduled switchbacks - locations
and frequency; 2. Phones and Lights in stations; 3. Embarcadero
dispatch-ing/line delays; 4. LRV availability;
5. Follow up on Maps; 6. Review and comment on Third Street LRV EIR
7..Expand Proof of Payment; 8. Printing/ posting of schedules 9.
In-vestigate where Muni is vis a vis construction of further Metro
lines/LRV's; 10. Fare Gates to Ac-cept other passes; 11. Station
Agents Utility.

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