Metro Committee Agenda

Wednesday, August 8, 2001, 6:00 PM
at SPUR, 312 Sutter, Fifth Floor


6:00 Introductions, Agenda Additions, Minutes Approval, Announcements
6:10 Status of previous resolutions
6:20 Status of M and N Studies
6:40 S Shuttle
7:00 L Problems
7:20 J M to SFSU
7:30 Adjournment, Next Metro Committee meeting Wed. Sept, 12, 2001

July Minutes

Present: Vartanoff, Carlson,Downey and Ahlquist
1) DV reported on Muni West Portal Meeting. Discussuin turned to NIMBY
issues so ofter thwarting Muni in the part. Criticism of Muni's lame
attempts. Outreach should include more that immedaiate neighbors and
'businesses' but should attempt to mobilize all who ride the length of
2) Discussed M line vis a vis extended J line through Oceanview to SFSU,
and Muni's defective crossover track. For future discussion.
3) POP: DV will write an informational letter to Muni asking if POP
applies to the lines or just the LRV's thereon (nite and bustitution
Committee will look more at POP in the future; de facto POP on buses,
lack of enforcement on LRV's etc., rude and semi awless atmosphere
discouraging other patrons, passengers boarding lawfully lose seats to
those boarding via back, fact there are only 2 doors, 1 to board and 1 to
get off,
possible loss of revenue to Muni.
4) Cable Cars. Metro Committee is taking this topic on. We oppose the
planned cut in service from every 6 to every 8 minutes as illegal. 4 or 5
idling at California and Drumm are an intolerable portion of a service
which only has a maximum if 7 cars in service.
5) Motion: Muni should post schedules on OWL lines Immediately. To
Steercom for ratification.
RM should xerox and laminate schedules based on the 'picks' we obtained
from Muni and post (w/ zip ties) same. what lines will be so covered
depends on
who's volunteering. the Castro and UCSF ave been spoken for. Andrew is to
return the picks to DV to prep. They will say "these times are the times
Mini's drivers are paid to operate".

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