Metro Committee Agenda

Wednesday, August 13, 2003, 6:00 PM
SPUR, 312 Sutter, Fifth Floor


Revised Agenda
6:00 Introductions, Minutes Approval Agenda Additions
6:10 Metro Improvements M,N,J,K and L
7:30 Adjourn

July 2003 Metro Committee Minutes
Present: Chris Beland, Eric Carlson, Joan Downey, Brian Fisher, Chris Pederson, Howard Strassner and David Vartanoff.
1. We started work on our Excom assignment to format ‘guerrilla’ schedule posters for the ‘K’ Line. - David will check to see if Muni more timing detail. [After the meeting he reported that Muni has no times between Balboa and St. Francis Circle.]
- We decided to estimate the times for each stop. Brian will do this.
- Schedule should include Saturday and Sunday times as well as weekdays.
- Schedule should expand on Inbound to say like downtown to Embarcadero. Similar wording for Outbound. stop.
- Space will be saved by only showing scheduled or estimate time at each stop.
2. David was elected chair and agreed to served until the end of the year. Howard will serve as Secretary.
3. We set the second Wednesday of the month as our regular meeting date.
4. We continued further work on our past suggested Metro improvements until after Joan’s CAC sub committee meeting.
- Both Chris’ will check out the ‘K’ Line on Ocean to see if more improvements are necessary.
5. The Secretary will forward meeting announcements including minutes to T1 and the RM yahoo list. Committee discussions will generally stay on Howard’s Metro list.

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