1/13/1999 Metro Committee Agenda

Wednesday, January 13, 1999, 6:00 PM
at Sierra Club, 85 Second, third floor
(Guard starts rounds at about 6:00 so come promptly)


We are inviting Booz-Allen representatives to attend. If they come we should concentrate the meeting on questions concerning Breda and Metro capabilities and explaining our past positions on turnbacks to provide additional service.

6:00 Introductions, Agenda additions and Approval, Minutes Approval, Announcements

6:10 Status of previous resolutions

6:20 Proof of Payment Implications on Metro

6:35 Line improvement surveys

6:50 Promote Courtesy with announcements on platforms and in trains.

7:05 More convenient train stop locations on stations

7:15 Start Discussion on selected item if time available

7:25 Consider change in meeting dates

7:30 Adjournment, Next Metro Committee meeting Wed. Feb. 10, 6 PM

Action Minutes November 11, 1998

Present: Eric Carlson, Joan Downey, Ed Miller, Howard Strassner and David Vartanoff

We endorsed the following as proposed RM positions:

1. We should do better follow up on our positions including: timely letters to Cruz, PTC or as required; followed up shortly with signs and fliers on Muni and letters to the editor.

2. Contracts for management consultants and advertising services should be put out for bid and frequent rebid.

3. RM recommends that it will be better for Muni operations to use the $5 million proposed for a Metro consultant to: a) Redesignate metro cars leaving Embarcadero outbound to provide service in the proper sequence and proportion, even if it involves extra payments; b) Improve and accelerate repairs of buses and metro cars, even if it means overtime costs; c) Accelerate hiring and training classes to add necessary maintenance workers and operators; d) Provide performance bonuses to workers and managers in Divisions that meet or exceed real (RM) service standards.

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