NO on Proposition I and March 2004 Election Headlines

3 March 2004
Proposition I Wins
Many thanks to members who helped fight it. Unfortunately we were not successful (we shall see by how much we were outspent). Rescue Muni will continue to fight any attempt to take Muni vehicles off the street without replacements.
29 Feb 2004
Chronicle Opposes Proposition I
The San Francisco Chronicle recommends a NO vote on Proposition I. "Muni should do it [replace diesel buses] - - but the steadily improving transit agency should not be managed through the ballot box."
22 Feb 2004
Rescue Muni Window Sign
Tell your friends and neighbors to vote No on I and Yes on Regional Measure 2 with this convenient window sign. Print out and post it in your window .. and wherever else you like! (Note that you must follow postering guidelines if you post on public property such as telephone poles.)
8 Feb 2004
Vote NO on Proposition I!
Rescue Muni opposes Proposition I (Replacement of Diesel Buses) on the March 2004 ballot. Read all the details on why we oppose it, and how you can help defeat it. The members voted unanimously (with one abstention) to oppose on February 4.
8 Feb 2004
Vote YES on Regional Measure 2!
Rescue Muni supports Regional Measure 2 (Bridge Toll for Transportation Projects). The members voted to support it on February 4.
19 Dec 2003
Proposition I Revealed
The full text of Proposition I (the "Healthy Air Enforcement Act of 2004") which seeks to force Muni to replace its older buses on an accelerated schedule, is now available for your perusal. Thanks to Richard Mlynarik for digitizing this. Also included is the ballot argument that Rescue Muni submitted.
7 Dec 2003
Gonzalez Shafts Muni Riders Again
With the mayoral election just days away, Supervisor Matt Gonzalez has voted in favor of a ballot measure that may force Muni to put less reliable buses on the roads and increase air pollution as a result. Read our full press release.
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