RailPAC Supports the G-Line Proposal

Below is a statement from the Rail Passenger Association of California supporting the proposed "G-Line" to Golden Gate Park.

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The Rail Passenger Association of California (RailPAC) is a statewide
membership organization with more than 1,700 members working for the expansion
and improvement of both light and heavy rail passenger service in California
and Nevada.

RailPAC supports efforts by the nonprofit Market Street Railway and SAVE Muni
organizations to extend Muni Historic Streetcar service to Golden Gate Park as
part of a new Muni Metro line (G-line).

As proposed service would follow the present F-line route on Market St from
Embarcadero to Duboce St. where it would join the N-line. From there the G-
line would follow the N-line route to 9th and Irving St. where it would turn
north and enter the park crossing Lincoln Blvd and run to the area of the
Museums and Band Concourse.

Planning and construction would take between 2 and 3 years from the time a
final decision was made while the cost would be about $25 million.

Currently less than half of the historic streetcars are used even during rush
hour. There are currently enough streetcars to double the service.

It would take approximately 25-35 minutes for a streetcar to run from lower
Market St to the Golden Gate Park concourse.

Based on the tremendous use of the Park and the popularity of the F-line,
success of this new line would be assured. Infrastructure cost of the G-line
would be 1/3 that of a parking garage in the Park. The difference would save
taxpayers about $30 million.

Also, the N-Judah line is currently very over crowded. The G-line would help
reduce crowding by providing additional service to the Sunset.

Besides providing regular transit service to city residents, the new G-line
would serve tourist wishing to go to the park to enjoy its facilities and

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