Executive and Steering Committee Minutes, February 10, 2003

Present: Eric Carlson; Dan Murphy; Howard Strassner; Andrew Sullivan and David Vasquez; with David Pilpel on phone and Dan Krause on phone reserve.


1) RM supports a balanced package of a budget adjustments, to maintain service including: fare increases; proportionate parking fee increases; labor savings and (if necessary) layoffs, including the following components:

a) RM supports the following fares (instead of Muni proposed new fares):
adult cash fare $1.25;
senior and discount cash fare $.50;
adult Fast Pass $40.00;
10 token bag $11.00;
and weekly pass $11.00;
when combined with at least a 25% increase in parking fees.

b) RM supports run cutting efficiency in scheduling and reduction of standby in order to reduce overtime and basic operating costs.

c) RM supports Charter mandated Cable Car headways and reduced layover time in order to increase income generated by this popular service. RM recommends that Conductor and Grip Men be cross trained so that they can switch jobs between runs to allow healthy recovery time.

d) RM supports a Residential Preferential Parking Permit fee of at least $50 for the first car in each household to fully cover all costs of this program. Fees for additional permit in each household shall be progressively higher.

e) RM supports increasing the parking tax from 25 to 35%.

2) RM requests Muni to enforce the requirement that pull in fixed guideway runs pick up passengers and that Muni provide "Car Cards" to help educate riders and drivers of this requirement.

3) RM supports appropriate levels of data collection on weekends compared to week days in order to develop useful and time passenger loading information.

4) DPT seems to have agreed not to provide signal lights at Haight and Clayton when funding is available and this project was previously approved. Joan will write DPT and Burns.


We signed a large batch of second requests for dues.
We have a volunteer to help with the computer component of the annual March survey. We need help to coordinate volunteers. We will mail out the Survey forms as a special mailing and organize and mail the next Transfer next month.

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