Executive and Steering Committee Minutes, May 13, 2002

Present: Sullivan, Murphy, Downey, Krause, carlson, Pilpel via phone
Absent: Breckinridge, Mlynarek, Strassner, Vasquez (Excomm only)


1. General Meeting Tue. 5/28
1A. speaker: Duncan Watry and team: Muni's X plan starting at 6PM - or a bit
later) at Spur.
1B. Survey results announced.
1C. EXCOMM Election announcement- election in July. Committee voted to
nominate Messrs Murphty, Carlson, Pilpel and Mlynarek if
interested/available) for reelection.
1D invitation for hepl with 401 (c) 4
1E: Car-free day/ SF, Invited S. Vaughan to speak
1F approval of pending motions / positions by general membership
Andrew to edit postcard, Dan M to address and mail.

(1E: we envision a GM w/ M Burns in July and a candidates forum in early

2. 501(c)4 - need new volunteer to continue this task (previous volunteer
quit abruptly). ERIC pursiuing book from NOLO press.

3. Transportation for a Livable City
RM looking at being a founding member of this group. Meeting 3-14 at 730PL
at O'Farrell coalescing with WALKSF and Bike Coalition about common
interests and visions.
RM seeks a permanent rep to this group.

4. APTA Grant Application: Andrew et al (Richard?) to write a grant request
re advocacy of BRT in an urban setting. Discussion of other areas a grant
proposal might take were tabled.

5. Membership: Not much news. Renewals coming in. membership recruiter issue
on hold- to be discusses w/ BikePac folk.

6. Survey update - results planned by 5/28 (general meeting)

7. TRANSFER - planned by 5/28 or very shortly thereafter. articles on Survey
(Eric). Car Free Day (S Vaughan). article on TLC (Andrew presumably).
Policy article on the apparent failures of CNG in SF, Vancouver and New York
and the future before the CAC and Supes. (Dan M)


1. Parking Charges at BART Stations

The board resolved:
"We support imposition of parking charges at BART Stations in order to
provide critically needed funds to BART to avoid service cuts which would
negatively impact BART within San francisco and could negatively impact Muni
oerating costs."
to be sent to Bart Board and staff, Supervisors, Chronicle, etc.
to write: ERIC

2. Muni Caltrain Expresses cut: 80X-81X-82X

The three-county Joint Powers Board that sets policy for Caltrain has been>
paying the cost of providing bus service on the 80X Gateway Express, 81X
Caltrain Express, and 82X Presidio-Caltrain Express service. Due to budget
constraints, the Caltrain Join Powers Board voted recently to eliminate the
funding for this express service. Under the current schedule, the
80X-81X-82X service will be discontinued late this summer.

We resoved:
RESCUE MUNI opposes these cuts. 2. Muni should begin the '46' line service
connectin Caltrain to the Presidio already adopted as RM Policy 3. Muni
should replace the Levis Plaza express with rush hour initiation of the E
Line to Pier 39 turnaround. Muni should aggressiveley seek funding from JPB,
the MTC or other regional or extra-city sources to support these important
coonections for intercounty riders. passed 6-0

3. PCOs in MTA - No action to be taken as attempt to move PCOs to SFPD appears
to have lost its momentum. Should it regain momentum we will mobilize to oppose it.

4. CAC appointments: Andrew will contact Ken Niemi re the Hall seat and Bike
Coalition re the Leno seat.

5. Transbay Terminal funding

Item 4 on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Finance committee agenda
for the Wednesday May 15 meeting, 12:30 PM in Room 263, San Francisco City
Hall is an item that would take money meant for the Transbay Terminal EIR
and reappropriate it to other purposes.

We resolved "RM opposes defunding of the Transbay Terminal E I R because we
support this project." (6-0) D KRAUSE to write)

6. Proposed car-free day

Susan Vaughan invited to speak at General meeting re this and to write a 200
word piece in TRANSFER. Contacted by Eric, 9PM 3/13/02. By consensus.

7. Metro committee: did not meet.

8. Service Expansion Comm:
Steercom voted to adopt Serv. Exp. comm resolution re Geary alignment:

We endorse subway to Laguna Portal, surface or elevated rail with as much
grade separation as possible with absolute pre-empts at all intersections
where there is no such separation, to Presidio, Under Masonic hill.
Dedicated right of way with pre-empts to Point Lobos.
We endorse and recommend the Pine street spur from Stockton subway
connecting to embarcadero Station and oppose the proposed Folsom spur. (5-1)

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