RESCUE MUNI Executive/Steering Committee Minutes

Action Minutes - 5/5/98 @ Sierra Club

Present: Joan Downey, Ken Neimi, Richard Mlynarik, Dan Murphy,
John Rudolph, Howard Strassner, and Andrew Sullivan.

Excom: a)We will investigate incorporation and 501 c-3 status as a non
profit. Dan will check with Jim Haas. b) Ken will pick up mail and Andy
will pick up email while Joan is out of town from May 12 to June 1. c)
Will should not use high school students for tabling until we know more
about liability. d) We will mail out Trans-fers to: Supes,
Commissioners, Cruz and the Mayor.

Membership: a) Fifty renewal are pending. b) We have 250 members.notices
are ready to go out. c) We need more membership packets. d) John needs
good image to search for new button source. e) Tabling may be the best
method to develop new membership. David Varnum will take the lead. f)
Giving Call Willie type cards on Muni and at events will also work. g)
We still have to: Follow up better with web joining members (collect
dues); Clean up data base; and Set up a data base for new prospects.

General Membership Meeting: a) All members who state that they attended
one previous Meeting during the year will be given a ballot. b) Howard
will resend info and Andy will format agenda and include Charlottes
resume which was not included in the Transfer.

Steercom: a) The Governance Committee will not hold another meeting for
an indefinite period. They do not constitute a Standing Committee during
this time. b) Refused the request by the JTC to become a Standing
Committee for Muni Oversight. c) We need more attendance at PTC

Minutes for 3/16/98, Sierra Club, 6 p.m.

Attendance: Present: Both: Joan Downey, Howard Strassner, and Andrew Sullivan. Steercom: Richard Mlynarik, David Pilpel, John Rudolph. Visitors: Charlotte Breckenridge. By Proxy: Daniel Murphy.


1. Train length in the subway should be maximized and the number of trains in the subway should be minimized during weekday peak hours. We understand that this means continued use of enroute coupling, which we support as a tradeoff in order to eliminate bottlenecks and delays at Embarcadero caused by a large number of 1-car and 2-car trains.

2. Compatible equipment should be deployed on each line, and ideally, each portal, in or-der to facilitate enroute coupling. This means making Breda assignment to the N-JUDAH and Boeing assignment to the KLM a priority at this time. This will change in the future based on equipment demand by line/portal and vehicle availability by type.

3. Only three one car trains should be as-signed to the E-Embarcadero line, at this time. Ridership does not appear to warrant committing three two car trains to this service.. The 3 additional cars would be better deployed to the JKLMN lines (N line first, since these are mostly Breda cars). This should be re-examined in the future if ridership on the E-line increases substantially.

4. We object to the proposed abandonment of service on all or portions of the 32, 42, 80X, and 81X for the following reasons: Inadequate public notice, insufficient public discussion prior to the Public Transportation Commission (PTC) vote, insufficient data to justify service reductions on the 80X and 81X, unwarranted abandonment of Harrison street service on the 42 line, and lack of a comprehensive service plan to meet increasing residential and business locations south of Market. The Board of Supervisors is urged to reject the proposed abandonments and refer the matter back to the PTC for further public review and consideration of alternatives.


a) Renewals are coming in nicely.
b) A projection indicates that we can pay all of our old bills.
c) We voted informally to start up the membership committee, which will work with Dan Murphy ASAP.

Meeting Schedule:
a) We set the following General Membership meeting dates: May 11(Election), and August 11.
b) We set the following Excom/Steercom dates: April 13, and May 5.
c) The next deadline for Transfer articles is April 17. This will be a bigger issue with Survey Results, Candidate Resumes and more.

Our position on Alliances:
a) We discussed the difficulties of Alliances.
b) We endorsed Steercom member John Rudolph's appointment to the new Muni CAC.

Governance Committee Charge:
a) Prepare policy positions, for the Steercom, based on the Mayor's "Unclog the Gridlock";
b) Prepare policy on: fares, incentives, proper format of Muni CAC; and
c) Write their future Charter.

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