Executive and Steering Committee Minutes, June 10, 2002

Present: Charlotte Breckenridge; Eric Carlson; Joan Downey; Dan Murphy;
David Pilpel; Howard Strassner; Andrew Sullivan and David Vasquez.
Absent: Richard Mlynarik, Dan Krause.
One Problem: We don't always say who will do what.

1) We decided the following with regard to the Report on preliminary results form the alternative fuels pilot project. RM urges:
a) No vehicle purchase decision should be made at this time.
b) An ongoing Research and Development Program should be established within Muni's Vehicle/Fleet engineering function regarding pollution control and other technologies.
c) Additional testing should be conducted on alternative fuel vehicles including LNG and fuel cell when feasible and a further Report made in another six months.
d) RM should be represented on the Independent Oversight Committee.
e) RM strongly opposes any attempt to force Muni to buy CNG buses at this time.

2) RM opposes the PCL Initiative and will roll out a campaign of
Opposition after ratification by members. Vote: 7-0-1

3) RM opposes Hastings Garage Project because the added traffic will adversely impact Muni Lines 5, 19, 31, 47 and 49. Vote 7-1-0

4) RM recommends rejection of contract changes to union contract because it is not necessary and will have adverse future financial impacts. And, RM requests that MTA vote on a program for the $3.5 million from the City employee contract changes for some Muni workers. Vote 8-0

5) RM requests that MTA set aside a substantial portion of the Breda Lease/Lease Back for a Reserve Fund. Vote 8-0

6) RM requests further details before adoption of Short-term experimental Fares. Vote 8-0

7) Set General Membership Meeting for July 23, 24, 25 based on when Michael Burns can come. Eric to contact Burns.

8) Next Steercom meeting 7/8 to include mailing party for Transfer.

9) Transfer Assignments due on to Eric on 6/24: CNG by Dan; Minutes, March to June by Howard; Car Free by Susan Vaughn; Survey Results by Andrew; J-Church Study by Eric; Consent Decree, including M and N study by Howard.

10) Candidates for Excom for election at July Meeting: Eric, Dan, David Pilpel and Richard. Andrew to check on Richard's availability. We may have to change usual meeting date.

11) We set a General Membership Meeting on September 9, to include possible endorsements for Supervisors.

12) We discussed possible membership in TLC with SFBC, Walk SF and Car Share. This could provided some financial sponsorship. We may want veto power on future members. We may want veto or no use of RM name on some policies. Andrew and David Pilpel to negotiate possible membership in TLC based on above discussion. Vote 7-1-0

13) We approved Bylaw amendments for July meeting.
a) Reduce percentage for endorsement of candidates and ballot issues from 66.67 to 60%.
b) Clarify membership requirement before voting at meetings to be 30 days.
Dan will write detail changes.

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