Executive and Steering Committee Minutes, July 17, 2000

Present, Both: Eric Carlson, Charlotte Breckenridge, Joan Downey,
Richard Mlynarick Dan Murphy, Howard Strassner and Andy Sullivan.


Finances: We have to use more email for Transfers to replace our discounted printing service.

General Membership Meeting set for September 6,12 or 13. [Sierra Club not available those nights but Monday Sept. 11, JTC night is available] Meeting will include Supervisor endorsements. Dan will draft questions and rules for pre-selection for meeting.

We canceled Summer Quarterly meeting bedcause there was no need for an election because there were less candidates than openings.

Transfer Deadline - Eric to start work on the Transfer.

Steercom Positions:

MOU: We discussed Andrew's proposed letter to the MTA Board to correct the MOU and recommended some small changes and additions.

We voted to recommend endorsement of Saturday Closure of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park because it would tend to induce more people to take transit to the Park.

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