Executive and Steering Committee Minutes, July 15, 2002

Present: Carlson, Krause, Murphy, Strassner, Sullivan, Vasquez.  Absent: Breckenridge, Downey, Mlynarik, Pilpel.

1. Alternate Fuels: We voted to oppose any resolution in the SFCTA requiring that Muni purchase alternate fuel vehicles now or at any time until alternate fuel vehicles are as reliable as diesel vehicles.  Murphy and Sullivan to discuss with relevant Supervisors.  (6-0)
2. Expanding Electric Service: We voted to support a proposal to increase the parking tax to 35% and to use the additional money for to expand trolley coach service.  Projects can include overhead wire and TPS/BRT street treatments. (6-0)
3. Endorsement: We voted to endorse Gavin Newsom for Supervisor in District 2.  All other endorsements will be considered at the General Meeting in September, but this one will be considered on 7/24.  (6-0)
2a. Dan will start a "score card" for Supervisor endorsements and suggest items to be included to the Steercom.
4. CAC: We congratulated Daniel Murphy on his election as Chair of the MTA Citizens' Advisory Council and noted the continuing need for new members. (6-0)
5. Car-Free Day:  We voted to endorse the Car-Free Day proposed for September 27. (6-0)

1. General Meetings: The next two General Meetings will be on 7/24 (Burns) and 9/9 (Supervisors' Forum).

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