Executive and Steering Committee Agenda, August 2003

August 12, 2003, 6 p.m.
312 Sutter Street, 5th Floor (SPUR Office)

1. Committee Reports
2. Candidates' Forum Planning - Moderator Questions, etc.  (See questionnaire.)
3. Fares and Tokens (David Pilpel)
4. MTA Audit (David Pilpel)
5. Any initiatives besides Prop K (Expenditure Plan) for which we want to recommend endorsement?
6. Bus Lane PCO/Camera initiative (Andrew)

1. New Webmaster!  (update)
2. Candidates' Forum Scheduling: 5:30 start time?
3. Membership and Budget
4. Rescue Muni Strategic Planning for 2003-04 - Are we doing the right things?  Can we improve our organizational capacity?

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