1998 Archived Headlines

Using Muni on New Year's Eve
Dump those calendars out the window and take Muni home.
Read about New Year's Eve service on the city's web site.

Best of the Bay

RESCUE MUNI Selected for "Best of the Bay"
The SF Bay Guardian named RESCUE MUNI
"Best Grassroots Transit Campaign" in the 7/29/98 issue.
Thank you, members!

Election Results
The President of the Board of Supervisors will be a RESCUE MUNI member!

Endorsees (and members!) Tom Ammiano and Gavin Newsom came in first and second for the Board of Supervisors. The propositions we supported, E (Central Freeway) and I (Rail on the Bay Bridge), won.

1200 Riders Demand Action
Over 1200 riders signed our petition demanding immediate action on the Metro crisis.

The story gets out:
, the LA Times, and Newsweek (9/14/98 issue) have now told the nation about the Metro Meltdown.

The riders chimed in:
We have moved rider comments to their own page

How is the "new" Muni Metro for you?
Let us know.

The Mayor Takes A Ride
Mayor Brown hopped on Muni during the Meltdown.
(He didn't sign our petition - but you can.)
This was after he said "I just don't have an hour and a half to spare." (And we do?)
Analysts note that the voters have a say next year.
See Willie on the Metro? Drop us a line.

BART & Fast Pass Update
Mayor Brown has dropped plans to raise fares for
Muni/BART Fast Pass users. Read the 8/12 Chron report, our press release, also our Guardian oped and the report of the previous time we spoke at the PTC.
Note also: BART supports the current system as is (8/22/98 Chron letter).

Muni's FY1999 Budget
The Board of Supervisors approved Muni's budget request of $331M and demanded quarterly performance reports, as we recommended.

Supervisor Newsom's Customer Service Proposal
We have a copy here (Microsoft Word).

1998 Muni Riders' Survey Results
28% of Muni riders, and 35% of Metro riders, were delayed.
Read all about it in the press release, or read the full report. (Press release and report also available in Microsoft Word; briefing slides available in PowerPoint.)

Mayor Brown:
Muni Will Be Fixed By May 1999
Mayor Brown just announced plans to boost Muni staffing
and budget - and that it will be fixed by next May.
Read the Chron or Ex for details.

Protest on the N Line
RESCUE MUNI member Victor Martorano wrote of
a band of N riders who wouldn't be denied service -
and the driver who helped them out.
Read the letter - and the Chronicle report.

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