Rescue Muni Endorsements

October 15th, 2007

At our last general membership meeting, Rescue Muni members voted for the following endorsements for the November election:

Mayor – Gavin Newsom

Proposition A (Muni Reform) – Yes

Proposition C (Public Hearings on Ballot Measures) – Yes

Proposition H (Parking for Downtown) – No

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thanks to Mayor Newsom for attending the meeting and staying longer than scheduled to answer member questions.

If you can help out the Yes on A/No on H campaign in any way—either by volunteering to phone bank or by contributing to the campaign—please click here and sign up to do so. Passing Prop A and defeating Prop H is critical to Muni’s future. The campaign needs your help right now. Please consider donating time, money, or both to this vital cause.

General Meeting Monday, October 1, 7 pm

September 28th, 2007

Our next General Meeting will be on Monday, October 1, at 7 pm at SPUR (312 Sutter at Grant, 5th Floor). Our guest speakers will be Mayor Gavin Newsom and Dave Snyder from SPUR and the Yes on A / No on H (Transit not Traffic) campaign.

The Rescue Muni Board has recommended an endorsement of Mayor Newsom for re-election. Come with your tough questions for the Mayor on transit! Also the board has recommended a Yes vote on Propositions A (Muni Reform) and C (Public Hearings on Ballot Measures), and a No vote on Proposition H (Parking for Downtown). We will review and vote on these proposals.

Also we will vote on proposed new Bylaws for Rescue Muni, and discuss the proposed Washington Square extension to the Central Subway project.

Refreshments will be served. See you there!

Update: All endorsements and the bylaws were approved by the members. Mayor Newsom also made it clear that he has joined us in opposition to Prop H, in addition to support for Prop A. Thank you to all who attended!

Yes on A Campaign Needs You!

September 20th, 2007

Yes on AThe Yes on A / No on H campaign needs your help to promote Muni Reform to voters this fall. Sign up now on the Yes on A website!

This measure will increase funding to Muni and also improve accountability for Muni managers. For more on Prop A, see the summary on Prop A’s site, or review our Muni Reform category.

Update: The No on H campaign has also been launched. Both can be reached via the Transit not Traffic page.

Yes on A / No on H Campaign Launches

September 14th, 2007

The Transit Not Traffic campaign, led by SPUR and many other community groups supporting better public transit, has launched. This campaign supports Proposition A (Muni Re-Reform), which would dedicate additional funding to Muni and improve many work rules that today make it very difficult to improve service reliability, and opposes Proposition H, the so-called “Parking For Neighborhoods” initiative that would dramatically increase parking downtown and allow new parking spaces and garages to block Muni lines and remove street trees citywide. If you agree that better transit should be SF’s priority and not huge increases in auto traffic, get involved! (Comment here or sign up at SPUR’s page.)