November/December 2003 Election Headlines

8 Dec 2003
Vote Tuesday December 9!
Rescue Muni Endorses Gavin Newsom
04 Nov 2003
Proposition K wins overwhelmingly!

Gavin Newsom, endorsed by Rescue Muni, places first!

31 Oct 2003
Four Days and Counting
We now have door hangers available; we need volunteers to help distribute them to residences around the city. Call or e-mail Andrew Sullivan (415-609-8801, [email protected]) if you can help.
19 Oct 2003
Do-It-Yourself Posters
Rescue Muni delivers! If you can help put up posters but can't make it Wednesday, call (415) 218-4358 and a volunteer will drop some off for you.
You can also print up posters yourself; we recommend bright-colored paper for maximum visibility. We have fourteen different flyers available in PDF and PostScript format. Some are generic, and others refer to specific projects which may be in your area. Feel free to pick whatever you think will work best. See also official postering guidelines.
19 Oct 2003
Poster Distribution Wednesday
At 5:30pm on Wednesday, October 22, stop by Embarcadero Station on your way home from work or around town. We'll be at the west end of the underground portion, just outside the Muni and BART faregates - look for people with the bright orange posters plotting and planning. You can help put up posters with a group that evening, or just grab some to take home and put up in high-traffic areas around your neighborhood or workplace. Packing tape can also be provided if you need it.
Sunday's postering campaign was a good start; we covered Market from Castro to Van Ness, the Duboce bike path area, part of Van Ness Ave, Church to 24th, and gave out piles for the Mission, Alamo Square, bits of SOMA, and hopefully some Geary. But that leaves a lot of the city yet to be covered!
19 Oct 2003
Prop K Postering Campaign Today!
Meet at 2pm, Sunday, October 19, at the Baghdad Cafe, 2295 Market Street (at Noe, 1 block inbound of Castro Station). Look for The Man in the Alarmingly Fluorescent Green and Yellow Shirt. Posters have been made; we'll divide up the city and hang them up.

November 2003 Election Info

8 Oct 2003
Researching Prop K
The San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association publishes an outstanding ballot analysis for every municipal election. This November, Proposition K seeks to reauthorize the city's special sales tax, which would provide crucial capital funding for a wide range of pubic transportation projects. Read SPUR's analysis of Prop K for a summary of what the measure will do, and a thoughtful assessment of pros and cons.
The SF County Transportation Authority site has a handout (PDF) describing the expenditure plan for these funds, as well as the full text (PDF).
Rescue Muni leadership participated in the drafting of this plan; the organization has also made a series of official recommendations.
2 Sept 2003
Rescue Muni Endorses Gavin Newsom, Yes on K
At stake in November's election is the future of the Mayor's office and the reauthorization of the City's transportation sales tax. Read the press release announcing our official position before you cast your vote.
[Responses to our mayoral candidate questionnaire are also still available.]
 Gavin Newsom
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