How to set up NextBus on your Nokia cell phone
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Here's how to get access to NextBus on your Internet-enabled cell phone. Andrew tested this with Cingular Wireless - we're not sure if it also works with other internet-enabled mobile phone services.
1. Make sure you have internet access (GPRS) enabled on your GSM plan (not all calling plans support it).
2. Connect to "Media Net" by holding down the 0 (zero) key, or select it from the main menu.
3. From the "Options" menu (top left key) select "Other Options." Then from the submenu select "Go to address."
4. You'll be asked for a web URL. Type in as if you were composing a text message "" Press the OK key.
5. Follow the links to "California-Northern" and then "SF Muni" using the Talk (green) button.
6. You'll see a page listing Muni routes. You can follow the links to the specific ones with the Talk (green) button. But before you do, add a bookmark by pushing the Options button, and then selecting "Add bookmark."
7. Follow the links to see Muni status for the line (22, 24, 33, F, J, K, L, M, N) you want.
8. To enable one-touch (well, almost) Nextbus, go back to the main screen by holding down the red button. Then press the Menu button and scroll down to Settings; select this, and scroll to Personal Shortcuts; then scroll to and select "Select Go to Options."
9. Scroll down the list of bookmarks and make sure "Route/Line" is marked (i.e. the box is checked).
10. If you like, enable "Go to" as the right button option (go back to Settings, Personal Shortcuts submenu, choose "Right selection key", and then pick "Go to" from list). If you're particularly clever, then select "Organize Go to options", find the "Route/Line" item, and then choose "Move to top" so it's the first item you will select after pressing the Go to button.
11. Then, from the Go to menu, you can pick NextBus (bookmark is called "Route/Line", but you can edit it as needed) whenever you like!
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