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Rescue Muni Backs Two Supervisors, Two Challengers:
Newsom, Gordon, Radulovich, Maxwell

Rescue Muni, San Francisco's transit riders' association, announced today that it has endorsed four candidates for Supervisor for this November's election. The organization endorses for Supervisor:

Gavin Newsom (District 2)

Roger Gordon (District 6)

Tom Radulovich (8)

Sophie Maxwell (10)

The endorsements of candidates Gordon and Radulovich and Supervisor Maxwell were voted at a well-attended candidates' forum last night, September 9. Supervisor Newsom received Rescue Muni's first-ever early endorsement, his third since 1998, at a previous General Meeting in July.

"We are delighted to endorse these four candidates for Supervisor," said Rescue Muni Chair Andrew Sullivan. "We've worked very closely with Supervisor Newsom over the years, and he has been a strong friend of the Muni rider, as when he introduced the first Muni Reform Charter Amendment at the Board of Supervisors in 1999. Supervisor Maxwell has also taken a strong stand for Muni riders, casting crucial votes on issues like vehicle replacement."

"We're pleased to endorse two strong challengers this year as well," said Vice Chair Daniel Murphy. "Tom Radulovich is a long-standing member of Rescue Muni who has done an excellent job on the BART board, and who knows public transit and city planning extremely well. And though Roger Gordon is new to the scene, he impressed us last night with his vision of a transit-first city and his demands for more reliable service on lines that serve District 6 and downtown."

The organization's endorsements were voted at a well-attended Candidates' Forum that included thirteen candidates from all districts except 10 (Supervisor Maxwell was unable to attend). The ground rules require a two-thirds vote for endorsement, using a system of instant runoffs. No endorsement was made in District 4.

The organization thanked all candidates who attended. "We have an excellent group of candidates running for Supervisor this year. We appreciate everyone taking the time to listen to the concerns of San Francisco's transit riders,' said Sullivan. "Don't forget to vote in November!"

Rescue Muni is a transit ridersí organization for customers of Muni. It was founded in 1996 by Muni riders seeking to improve the systemís reliability, service, and safety, and currently has about 400 members. The organization conducts an annual ridersí survey and serves as a citizensí watchdog group for Muni. Rescue Muni co-sponsored November 1999ís Proposition E for Muni reform after circulating its own charter amendment earlier that year and participating in City Hall negotiations. Rescue Muni is an independent, nonpartisan group run entirely by volunteers and supported solely by its membersí dues.


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