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MARCH 4, 1999

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F-Market Runs Saved After Rider Protest

Rescue Muni, the San Francisco transit riders association, thanked Mayor Willie Brown for pledging to reverse planned cuts in the F-Market historic streetcar line. The organization joined with streetcar operators and passengers this week in urging the Municipal Railway to reconsider cuts in the popular service.

“This is a victory for rider choice,” said Andrew Sullivan, Rescue Muni’s chair and chief spokesperson. “The Muni Metro subway remains crowded and unreliable. The F-Market is an important alternative for people traveling on Market Street.”

Muni streetcar operator Peter Ehrlich, a Rescue Muni member, won praise for bringing the proposed cuts to the organization’s attention when he saw them on an operator sign-up notice. The proposed cuts would have reduced service on the F-Market line by 40% and nearly doubled waiting times at rush hour.

Last year, Rescue Muni praised the F-Market as one of Muni’s few success stories, calling it the “most improved” line for significantly raising its on-time service rate. Richard Mlynarik, a member of Rescue Muni’s steering committee, noted that “The F-Market’s operators and maintainers are dedicated to its success and it shows.”

Rescue Muni and concerned operators on the F-Market line will hold the joint press conference, as previously announced, at the streetcar turnaround at Castro and Market Streets on Thursday, March 4th, at 7:45 a.m., to celebrate the reprieve.

Rescue Muni, a transit riders association for San Francisco, is an organization of concerned riders who seek to make service faster, safer, more reliable, and more responsive to riders’ needs. Founded in 1996, it now has more than 500 members throughout the city.

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