Rescue Muni Steering Committee
Resolution concerning Service Expansion

Passed 11/12/01

Slightly modified by Andrew 12/6/01 with new dates

Rescue Muni recommends that Muni and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority adopt the following projects as their priority projects for transit expansion over the next 10-15 years. These are a subset of the Service Expansion Draft Plan as published by the Rescue Muni Service Expansion Committee this year. Project details are available in the draft plan.

For each phase we would of course prefer that all projects be completed by the end of the time period described. If this is not possible, at a minimum we would urge that all projects in each phase be fully designed, approved, and funded by the end of each phase, and a subset of the projects already be complete. In addition, we recommend that detailed planning and design for the next phase be completed by the end of each phase.

Phase 1 (2002-2006)

Eight Bus Rapid Transit lines:

1. Van Ness

2. Geary (as precursor to Light Rail project in phase 2)

3. Market Street

4. Potrero/Bayshore

5. Doyle Drive/Lombard

6. 19th Avenue

7. Outer Mission

8. 16th Street

Three Historic Streetcar lines:

1. E line (Caltrain to Fisherman’s Wharf)

2. Fort Mason extension of Embarcadero line

3. Golden Gate Park extension ("G line")

Two other Rail Improvements:

1. Caltrain Electrification and Express

2. Cable Car extension to Fisherman’s Wharf

Phase 2 (2006-2012)

One Heavy Rail project:

1. Caltrain Downtown Extension to a new Transbay Terminal

One Light Rail Transit (LRT) project:

1. Geary Light Rail

(This is our top LRT priority and a long-standing promise to the northwest quadrant of SF.)

One Historic Streetcar line:

1. Presidio / Golden Gate Bridge extension of Embarcadero line

One Cable Car extension:

1. California Street Cable Car extension to Japantown

Phase 3 (2012-2020)

Two LRT extensions:

1. North Beach extension of Central Subway (if built) to Washington Square

2. Geneva connection from Bayshore to Balboa Park stations

One Historic Streetcar line:

1. 16th Street service from Third Street to Church (through service available via N line to the beach)

Important Notes:

1. Rescue Muni recommends these priorities only to the extent that they can be funded with new capital and operating dollars, or (particularly in the Bus Rapid Transit case) operating savings from the routes they replace. We do not recommend reducing the current service to pay for expansion.

2. This plan does not reference two projects currently being planned by Muni: the Third Street Light Rail Initial Operating Segment and New Central Subway.

3. Other, longer-term projects (draft plan phase 3-4 and beyond) in the Service Expansion Draft Plan remain in the discussion draft stage at this time. We may mention these as possible projects for evaluation but will not advocate for them as Rescue Muni.

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