Last Minute Notice: Call Supervisors on MTA Budget

SFMTAFrom our friend Dave Snyder at SPUR:

Today (Thursday) at 4:00 p.m. the Board of Supervisors Budget & Finance Committee is hearing the MTA Budget. This budget is good for transit riders, but it’s run into some political difficulties. We need your help to get the necessary votes to avoid a rejection of this budget by the Board of Supervisors. (It requires seven votes to reject the budget; therefore, we need five to support it.)

We agree with our SPUR colleagues that this is a great budget for the following reasons:

1. It provides adequate funding to improve reliability and maintain service, making it possible for the MTA to make big speed and reliability improvements via the Transit Effectiveness Project.

2. It does not raise the single ride fare of $1.50. The monthly Fast Pass goes up in year two, but by a small amount. Although we are not crazy about reducing the incentive to buy a Fast Pass, we don’t think this will have a big impact on ridership. (However, the MTA really needs to make Fast Passes easier to buy!)

3. It does not raise parking rates across the board. The MTA will soon implement its SFPark program of variable parking pricing, reducing and increasing fees as appropriate. That program needs public support that would be hindered by across-the-board increases in parking rates this year.

Some Supervisors have expressed displeasure due to the year two fare increase, and others have opposed it due to year one increases in fines for parking violations. A rejection of the MTA budget would restrict the agency to the expenditure ceiling of last year’s budget, forcing devastating transit service reductions and delays to pedestrian and bicycle safety measures. It would set us back in our efforts to provide transportation options and set us toward the path of meeting our city’s laudable greenhouse gas reduction goals.

So, here’s the one-minute action we need to help secure the budget. It’s very very easy, so please do it RIGHT NOW. Call (don’t email) one of the following Supervisors on the Budget Committee (call the one who represents you if listed) and tell the aide who answers, or leave a message, asking the Supervisor to pass the MTA budget. You can add your reasons, or not. It’s the call that’s important.


Jake McGoldrick (415) 554-7410
Sean Elsbernd (415) 554-6516
Ross Mirkarimi (415) 554-7630
Chris Daly (415) 415-554-7970
Carmen Chu (415) 554-7460