MTA considers two-way Hayes St with rush hour bus lane

Afternoon 21-Hayes commuters stuck in outbound traffic, and morning commuters annoyed with the one block detour by City Hall: help may be on the way. The Planning Department and MTA are looking at the option of restoring Hayes Street to two-way operation, with a rush hour bus-only lane for the evening commute. If this is done, it should save a few minutes on every outbound trip – which would be a huge improvement for long-suffering riders.

If this is done, however, it is vital that the bus lane be included. Ideally an inbound bus lane should also be included for the morning rush (e.g. between Gough and Market). The Chronicle discussed possible opposition to the bus lane due to lost parking as a reason it might not be done – if this were to happen, service would most likely be slower than it is today, which would be unacceptable in a transit-first city.

Update: Muni Diaries has a comment on this proposal.