Board continues MTA budget hearing to May 27

SFMTAThe Board of Supervisors might still reject the MTA budget. The Budget Committee scheduled a special hearing on May 27 to reconsider the motion to reject. Seven votes are needed to reject the budget (as we and others advocated last week); last time the motion failed by one vote. Supervisor Avalos and others have been urging rejection mainly to keep youth and disabled fares from increasing (promoting the so-called “Transit Justice” package); we also have been urging rejection, to prevent service cuts due to the inflated work orders from other city departments.

If the budget is rejected, one option to increase revenue and reduce service cuts is to extend parking meter hours to 10 pm and also enforce meters on Sundays. Another, as we have urged all along, is for the MTA to demand lower work order amounts from other city departments, notably SFPD. And increased fines for fare evasion would also be helpful.

The special meeting is next Wednesday, May 27, at noon. (Those who work in SF can attend at lunch hour!) We’ll post the details closer to the meeting.