SFMTA Audit: Work Rules Costly, Inefficient

SFMTAIt shouldn’t be a surprise to long-time observers of the agency, but today’s audit of the SFMTA by the Budget Analyst of the Board of Supervisors highlights some of the most inefficient work rules raising Muni’s costs. Specifics include strict limits on the use of part-time employees, daily instead of weekly overtime, and financial incentives to call in sick or otherwise take time off, causing the SFMTA to have an extremely high rate of unscheduled absences (15%). And, though it does not take a position on the Fix Muni Now amendment, the report highlights the Prop A wage floor that makes it impossible for the agency to bargain wages for work rule reforms.

SF Streetsblog has a detailed analysis, as does the SF Weekly. You can read the full report on Streetsblog, and the SFMTA’s response on its website.

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