Which line has the most missed runs?

According to a set of weekly reports obtained by Rescue Muni, for the week of Nov. 12-18, the most gutted major line is the 14, with the 45 and 47 getting gutted to as low as 95% service. The worst performing line was the 2, with only 89% of it’s service hours deployed

For light rail, the system’s busiest line, the N, was the worst performer at 93.2%, followed by J at 94.7% and F at 95.6%.

The SFMTA doesn’t publicly post weekly missed run reports, but they do post a daily operations report that is available for viewing here. The reports posted are nearly a year out of date, but according to Jeff Flynn, SFMTA’s Data Development Manager, daily reports should be updated once again after data integration with the SFMTA IT department is completed.