Executive and Steering Committee Report

Howard Strassner tells us about RESCUE MUNI's policies decided in the fall of 1997

The Executive Committee (Excom) decided to hold the next general membership meeting in late January on the topic of Metro improvements. The exact date will be set in early January and an announcement will be sent to all members at that time. RESCUE plans to hold subsequent general meetings in April, July, and August.

The Steering Committee (Steercom) supported provisional hiring of new Muni employees on an emergency basis to restore staffing to budgeted levels and thereby improve service.

The Steercom opposed moving the Transbay Terminal, because it would reduce the quality of regional transit connections by requiring additional walking for both East Bay and San Francisco users. It also opposed Muni's proposal to relocate its bus terminal from Mission and Steuart to the proposed Transbay Terminal location, because this would add over a million dollars a year in Muni operating costs and worsen travel time for downtown commuters and ferry commuters.

In accordance with RESCUE MUNI's bylaws, none of these positions are official RESCUE policy unless consented to by the general membership.

The next Excom/Steercom meeting will be on Jan.12, in the Sierra Club (85 Second St.) at 6 p.m. All RESCUE MUNI members are welcome to attend.

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