Winter 1997-98

"I'm In Charge:" An Interview With Emilio Cruz

RESCUE MUNI members Andrew Sullivan, George Musser, and David Varnum spent 90 minuted with Muni Director Emilio Cruz in early December. We discussed employee discipline, the Muni budget and fares, Civil Service rules, and the perils of one of the highest-pressure positions San Francisco has to offer. We've had our say about Muni's problems - here's the director's perspective on what's wrong and what needs to be done.

Also Inside This Issue:

Executive and Steering Committee Reports: The RESCUE MUNI leadership reports on its policy decisions.

Who Should Run Muni, and How? RESCUE MUNI invited five experts on transit and city government to a panel discussion on Muni governance. We have a full report.

Riding the 38-Geary on a Computer: RESCUE MUNI member Jun Yoshioka developed a mathematical model of Muni's busiest line and found some common-sense ways to improve reliability.

What YOU Can Do to Fix Muni: Fulfill your burning desire to volunteer by joining a RESCUE MUNI committee, helping with the 1998 Riders' Survey, or wearing a cardboard box during Bay to Breakers.

Why Don't The Trains Come In Order? Metro Superintendent of Operations Ken Rodriguez explains train dispatching and nasty bottlenecks.

The Belly of the Beast: RESCUE MUNI members George Musser and Andrew Sullivan took a tour of Muni's control center. Read the sordid details here.

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RESCUE MUNI Transfer, Winter 1997-98.
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