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October: We have a faxed copy of the agreement summary (page 1 - 2) and the changes to the draft agreement (22 gifs in this directory).
Muni and Transport Workers Union, Local 250A have agreed to a third draft contract and have made it public.
Unfortunately, it appears to be in violation of 1999's Proposition E, as it does not include merit pay based on Muni's service standards.
We commented about this to the Ex. Read also the articles on the contract draft in the Chron and the Ex. (Drivers had objections too.)
See also our July letter to Muni about this, Director Michael Burns' response, and our August press release.

(Note that under Proposition E, the board must wait 30 days before it approves any contract. The likely vote to approve (or not) will be on November 21.)

July: The TWU voted twice to reject the tentative agreement with Muni, and some drivers boycotted overtime in protest. Summary in the Examiner.
The rejection was reported in the Chronicle and Examiner. The Ex also interviewed drivers and customers, and criticized the members' vote in an editorial.
An operator who voted No responded to the Ex in this letter. The Chron reported on 8/9 that Muni HQ says public wants change.

August: Rescue Muni submitted a letter to the Director recommending several changes, including merit pay based on service standards.
Director Michael Burns responded that, in Muni's view, such merit pay is included (and discussed other topics as well).
The Citizens' Advisory Council voted unanimously on 8/25/00 to recommend this change (merit pay) and others.
New: We have a statement on the matter.

The MTA Board had planned to consider it for adoption on August 1, but this will have to wait until a (new) final agreement with the employees is concluded.
Read the full agreement (contents: pdf / Word; main: pdf / Word). Comments? Email us.

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