Car limits coming to Market Street

Bus cameras (border)After literally decades of debate, San Francisco is about to begin a six week test of car restrictions on Market Street, including mandatory right turns at Eighth and Sixth Streets and a ban on private cars east of Fifth. The objective is to reduce auto traffic to speed up inbound transit vehicles and improve bicycle safety.

Rescue Muni has long supported this proposal due to the extremely long delays faced by Market Street Muni commuters, but we remain concerned that the city may not communicate the change well to auto drivers and transit riders alike. It is vitally important that auto drivers get clear and explicit instructions about how to get downtown from each intersection on Market Street – otherwise driver confusion will lead to anger and a quick reversal of this decision. Communication is absolutely key to this proposal being a success.

The Planning Department has some, but not much, detail about the project.

Update: Streetsblog interviewed a handful of people, including an SFBC staffer, and they seemed to like the idea.