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February 1999
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The Muni Reform Initiative

Nearly everyone who rides Muni frequently is familiar with its main problem: it is unreliable. While Muni provides a very high level of service on paper, running buses and streetcars to within two blocks of almost everywhere in the city and advertising a high frequency of service, the railway fails to meet its schedule far too frequently. Muni delays have endangered riders' jobs, made going out in the evenings difficult, and ultimately driven many potential riders off public transit and into private automobiles.

Key Problems.

A wide range of reasons has been cited for Muni's continued unreliability. In our view, critical problems affecting Muni service include the following:

The Muni Reform Initiative

The problems affecting Muni are complex, so simple solutions are not likely to succeed. Rescue Muni, in alliance with the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association and other concerned organizations, has developed a Muni Reform Initiative that we hope to put on the Fall 1999 ballot. This Charter Amendment brings the Municipal Railway and the Department of Parking and Traffic under a new Transportation Agency, establishes a protected Municipal Transportation Fund in the City budget that cannot be diverted to other purposes, and requires Muni and DPT to operate under strict service quality standards, backed by a system of merit pay for all Muni employees. Key elements of our initiative include:

Why We Must Act Now

San Francisco's elected leaders know that Muni is a critical issue. Unfortunately, Mayor Brown and his majority-appointed Board of Supervisors have repeatedly shown that they cannot fix Muni as it exists today. With the Mayor up for re-election in November 1999, we should expect to see more half-baked attempts at Muni reform come out of the Mayor's office. By the time you read this, the Mayor's "New Muni Task Force," from which Rescue Muni was excluded, may well have introduced a much weaker proposal than what we are proposing. We must reject these desperate attempts to change the subject and instead vote for real reform. The independent Muni Reform Initiative will bring new accountability to Muni, protect its budget, insulate it from political interference, and ensure a coherent transit policy for San Francisco. By acting now, we can take the first step towards what our elected officials repeatedly promise but have conspicuously failed to deliver - a world-class transportation system for San Francisco.

Follow this link to read the Rescue Muni Muni Reform Initiative.

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