1999 Archived Headlines

These are some recent headlines from the RESCUE MUNI home page. Follow the links for good info.

Proposition E: Victory!
RESCUE MUNI proudly announces the victory of Proposition E,
the Muni Reform initiative.
Read our press statement and a summary of the initiative.
THANK YOU to all volunteers and donors!

All three Rescue Muni-endorsed propositions passed.
The following were our recommended positions, and the results.
See the Department of Elections for complete stats.



RM Position



Muni Reform





Caltrain to Downtown

Octavia Boulevard





Central Freeway



No Mayoral Endorsement
The results are in from our October 6
Mayoral Candidates' Forum on Transportation Issues,
co-sponsored by Walk SF and the San Francisco Bike PAC,
and Rescue Muni endorses "NONE OF THE ABOVE".

Rescue Muni member Jim Reid came in first in our poll, with 34 percent of the vote.
Since then, Rescue Muni member Tom Ammiano has announced his write-in candidacy,
but we did not have time to hold another endorsement meeting,
so he's not included in our scorecard.

Rescue Muni's bylaws require a 2/3 vote from our membership
to secure endorsement, and no candidate secured that super-majority.
Reid 34%
No endorsement 23%
Brown 14%
Reilly 14%
Jordan 10%
Manuel 3%
O'Hara 3%
See also the Examiner's and Chronicle's coverage.

Muni Rescued? Or Not?
Four opinion surveys have recently been conducted about the state of Muni.
You be the judge:
Examiner 9/27/99: 9 out of 10 unfavorable.
Chronicle 9/21/99: Not as bad as homelessness.
Chamber of Commerce 6/99: Riders still dissatisfied.
Booz-Allen: Getting better, with shorter delays.

Rescue Muni: Don't forget our very own Muni Riders' Survey,
which showed a small improvement from 2/98 to 2/99.
Don't forget to help with our 2000 Survey during the month of February!

Transportation Authority Hearing
You are invited to a hearing to discuss possible changes to the
12, 19, 26, 27, 47, 49 and 53 lines,
as well as possible new service.
Monday October 18, 6:30-8:30pm,
San Francisco County Transportation Authority offices,
100 Van Ness, 25th Floor.
For more information call 415 923 2127.
(See also the  Examiner and Chronicle  coverage of the proposals.)

Muni Not Rescued Yet
The new poll from the SF Chamber of Commerce discovered that
Muni riders, and voters in general, are still dissatisfied.

Survey Says: Muni Metro Getting Better
A survey by Booz-Allen and Muni found that at least some Muni Metro customers are
experiencing fewer delays, and that the delays are shorter.

The Geneva Car Barn
Neighborhood activists want to preserve it.

SF Munificent Railway
$15 million in new funds have been proposed for Muni,
thanks to the budget surplus.
(And it's an election year, which can't hurt.)
Email your supervisor if you support quick approval.

F-Market Service Restored
Mayor Brown said March 3 that F service won't be cut. Thank you, Mayor Brown - and all the members who called to express your concern!
RESCUE MUNI joined F operators in opposing this service cut. (Read the sign-up bulletin to see what it was all about: page 2 andpage 1.)

"G Line" to Golden Gate Park
The Supes have requested a study of this proposed extension of rail service, as recommended by the Alliance for GG Park.
The likely cost: $12-17 million, half that of a proposed park garage.
Thanks, Supervisor (and member) Ammiano!
New: The riders' group RailPAC has endorsed this proposal.

Supes Approve Supplemental Budget
Only five months after the "no-excuses" budget was approved (with our support), the Board of Supervisors has approved a supplemental
appropriation of $14.8 million for Muni, including an unbid contract for Booz-Allen. Rescue Muni urged a NO vote. Only Supervisors Ammiano and Yee voted that way.

The Public Grades Mayor Brown
The Chron published its opinion poll on Mayor Brown's performance on 11/16/99.
Would vote for Brown next year: 30%
Would NOT vote for Brown next year:
Respondents cited Muni as the main issue.

Muni Metro Survey
We measured Muni Metro in early October.
28% of riders were delayed. (graded C)
All above-ground Muni Metro lines were graded D or F.
Overcrowding was also a serious issue.

Emilio Cruz Quits as General Manager
Read all about it in various articles in the Examiner and Chron.
Who should be next? Send your comments to our
mailing list
or post them
on the CitySearch forum.
interviewed Cruz in our 12/1997 Transfer.

Muni's Customer Survey
It's on the web. Fill it out - and tell us what you said.

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