Rerouted M Line in Parkmerced?

M Ocean ViewThe Parkmerced apartment complex is proposing a renovation that would add more housing and otherwise modify its layout, to make the complex more urban in style. Part of the proposal is a rerouting of the M line (see map) through the campus to serve the increased population.

This could be an interesting transit oriented development, but several concerns come immediately to mind, notably the increased running time and possible increased delays that the proposed route would take. (From the map, it appears that the current straight shot up 19th Ave. would be replaced by a detour through the center of the complex – and it’s not even clear that it would be on private right of way.) Unless such a project is planned very carefully to use only private right of way and give the streetcars priority at every intersection, this could cause serious problems for the M line’s existing riders, particularly those who commute from SF State to Balboa Park.

It’s not at all clear if Parkmerced has had any discussions with MTA, the CAC, or riders over this proposal. If it does look like it has some chance of happening, we will make sure to follow it closely and demand that the current line not be slowed down any further.