Central Subway’s Revised Route Approved by MTA

T-ThirdThis week the MTA Board approved a revised route for the proposed Central Subway, running from Fourth and King to Chinatown, now via Fourth Street with the tunnel portal under the I-80 freeway. Previous plans had included a bizarre zigzag up Third and back to Fourth, and then a straight route up Fourth with the tunnel portal at Brannan (read down to 8 June 2005).

The Examiner editorializes in favor of the project, while the Chronicle’s CW Nevius slams it. Meanwhile Rescue Muni has long taken the position that if the project is built, it needs to have the most direct route, and also it must be built to allow easy expansion to North Beach. (Our board member Howard Strassner has also proposed a non-subway alternative.)

Update: Nevius rides the 30 Stockton and has some more thoughts on the proposal.