First study coming for Wharf Extension of Central Subway

March 13th, 2014

SFCTA staff are recommending a $150K preliminary study of the proposed Fisherman’s Wharf extension of the Central Subway, advocated by Rescue Muni and many other community leaders in the SF NEXTSTOP coalition. This is a great first step towards realizing the vision of a Central Subway that serves North Beach and the Wharf; it will give the public a much clearer idea of the cost and time required to build it.

Central Subway’s Revised Route Approved by MTA

February 24th, 2008

T-ThirdThis week the MTA Board approved a revised route for the proposed Central Subway, running from Fourth and King to Chinatown, now via Fourth Street with the tunnel portal under the I-80 freeway. Previous plans had included a bizarre zigzag up Third and back to Fourth, and then a straight route up Fourth with the tunnel portal at Brannan (read down to 8 June 2005).

The Examiner editorializes in favor of the project, while the Chronicle’s CW Nevius slams it. Meanwhile Rescue Muni has long taken the position that if the project is built, it needs to have the most direct route, and also it must be built to allow easy expansion to North Beach. (Our board member Howard Strassner has also proposed a non-subway alternative.)

Update: Nevius rides the 30 Stockton and has some more thoughts on the proposal.

Detailed Discussion of Central Subway at Transbay Blog

November 16th, 2007

T-ThirdEric of Transbay Blog has published a detailed series of articles on the Central Subway this week, including discussions of proposed alignments, photos of proposed stop locations, and the advantages and disadvantages of this very expensive project. This is an excellent introduction and analysis of the project for fans, foes, and those new to the project alike.

Muni miscellany

July 22nd, 2007

Some news this week:

  • From the Examiner Saturday: Apparently a deal has been made by Supervisor Peskin and Muni unions concerning the Muni re-reform measure now before the board. Unfortunately the article isn’t up on the Examiner website yet.
  • 90 percent of riders in a recent SFTEP survey say reliability is the #1 issue facing Muni. 65% of those who don’t ride say reliability is the main reason why not.
  • Muni posts feedback it received on proposed new bus shelter designs. Check to see that your comment is there!
  • A bit old but interesting follow up to our recent Central Subway discussion: A report by Tom Matoff late last year was highly critical of the cost effectiveness of the project, which is important not least because it would require hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. (Matt Smith column of January 3; also a Chronicle report in January.) The report was presented at the MTA Board in March – we can’t find it online, does anyone have it?
  • Central Subway: An Alternative Proposal

    July 15th, 2007

    The Central Subway project (proposed from SOMA to Chinatown) has run into various delays and cost overruns but is still very much in San Francisco’s plans. Rescue Muni board member Howard Strassner has an alternative that would be much less expensive – rider comments please! Note that Rescue Muni’s policy now is to recommend extension of the central subway to North Beach, rather than stopping it at Clay Street as currently planned.

    Update: The Examiner discussed this proposal this week.

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