May Day Muni miscellany

Rider Alert 1Here are some updates that we haven’t blogged yet:

  • Muni data now available on Google Transit. Try it, let us know what you think.
  • MTA urged to audit fare evasion, as part of a project to expand proof of payment systemwide.
  • Demands from some elected officials that the MTA cut the proposed 2009-2010 budget (pdf) instead of increasing meter rates and parking fines. (Notwithstanding SF’s long-standing Transit-First Policy, last approved by the voters in November 2007, of course.)
  • Don’t forget your quarters if you get on at Church Street station. (SFist) New ticket machines badly needed.
  • And a reminder for those reading on RSS feeds or any other means: Join Rescue Muni, and comment on the TEP!