Metro Rider Comments

The following is a small subset of comments sent to our email address,, during the "Muni Metro Meltdown" in early September 1998. If you have an experience to share, please email it to us!

Wednesday 9/9: "Nearly 3 hours to get from Montgomery to Stonestown!"
Tuesday 9/8: "The Mayor lost another 105 votes tonight"

Wednesday 9/2: "Today, I asked for a transfer to Portland, Oregon."
Tuesday 9/1: "Another hour for a 15 minute commute! "
Monday 8/31:
"I would definitely be willing to support a boycott"

Saturday 8/29:
"Free October Fast Pass?"
Friday 8/28:
"I will make my vote count ... Look out Willie!"
Thursday 8/27:
"I have driven my car ever since."
Wednesday 8/26:
"No, I am not getting off. Arrest me!"
Tuesday 8/25: "MUNI has already reduced me to tears twice this week."
Monday 8/24:
"It's SO good that my Fast Pass still works."
Sunday 8/23:
"Schedules were out the window."
Saturday 8/22: "Possibly the worst operational disaster ever"

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